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Twisted Pairs: Automotive Type TXL Wire
Twisted Pairs: Type B Wire
Twisted Pairs: UL1007-UL1569 Wire
Twisted Triples: UL1007-UL1569 Wire
Twisted Pairs: UL1015 Wire
Twisted Pairs: UL1061 Wire
Twisted Pairs: UL1213 Type E (PTFE Insulated)
Twisted Pairs: UL1422/UL1423 Kynar Wire
Twisted Pairs: UL1429 Wire
Why twisted wire?

Twisted wire offers custom wire groupings designed for easier handling and installation. Pairs, triples, quads (and even paired pairs) can be built to your specifications. Just choose a wire insulation, your colors (striped wire can also be requested), AWG size, and number of twists per inch (TPI) and call or message us for a quick quote.

Asapwire.com makes it easy to order twisted groups with a simple drop-down menu with options for base and stripe colors for many of the above variations. We offer a quick turn-around on your twisted wire requirements. Call, message, or order online today!